Teach your Children before the time pass..

In this modern world where every adult is longing for relationships tell and teach your children that none of the boy is worth for them. The only things that anyone could do for them beyond limits are their own parents . If someone could bring you moon and stars, your parents would have brought that for you if world tours were that much easy so your parents would be the first to get you there. Visualizing the dramas and thinking of making your life Like that or the boy will fulfil your dreams is stupidity. They are themselves not aware of their future their career and if they are they would never been in relationships. The real relations are that you see around you in which you can see a wife crying because a husband is not the worth one who could value her or a normal but not that ideal one which is shown on the screen. So waiting for a boy and expecting from him to fulfil your dreams make yourself that thing that every boy could long for you. Be your hero.. erase that patriarchal power from your minds and make your self worth than anyone else. If your parents couldn’t get you anything, your boyfriend could never do that. All your wishes, demands and dreams could be fulfil by the only figure and hero that is your father. Your husband will only perform his duty by providing you with all the things of your needs, not your dreams. So instead of wasting your time by finding an ideal boyfriend to love you like Romeo, Ranjha or Majnu focus on your very own life to touch the glory of the skies. Be that apple which is on the top of the tree and every one opts for getting it. 🙂

My Heart Drainsđź’•

Whenever it rains.

It feels like my heart drains .

With the ^tip tip^ of its falling drops .

my emotions rose.

It brings memories of “you”.

And the colourful fantasy of “us”.

I wish like the drops if we could also be calm.

And talk with that swiftness.

with which the drop falls.

Like the falling drop kisses the earth.

Falling from the height just to meet her love.

Like that beside our ego.

we should fall.

For the one we love so hard.

“Light Hearted Pleasure”

​Walking through the tor area with light hearted pleasure she reached the top of the hill. Yellow grass all around covered with brown leaves. Her long blonde hair flying with the wind. Flushed red cheeks and nose, sitting on the big white stone, she hanged her feet and started singing in her sweet voice. In the depth, with the waves of crystal flowing water, her heart was dancing . The sun was setting down and the rays spread on the surface of the water producing different colours like rainbow.
She was lost in her own fantasy looking through the sun set and the water smiling lively. It seemed as if her biggest dream has come true and she has got all the happiness of the world. She was swinging backward and forward in her own whim. It seemed like after a long time she has got some happiness and inner peace which she was expressing in her warm smile and expressions. As the sun was so far set she stood up from the stone and with a beautiful smile said ” no doubt after every sun set there is more brighter sun rise which brings more happiness and peace just like the colours produced on the water surface more brighter and beautiful.”

Faith in the colour of Rainbow.

She was sitting on the prayer mat. It was almost midnight. Her big beautiful eyes, full of tears, were sparkling,. It seemed if she had suffered alot. She whispered, sobbing “Oh Allah!! no more please” and started sobbing again, this time even louder. Tears like pearls were rolling down her cheeks. She closed her eyes and bowed before Allah when she saw five letters “F” “A” “I” “T” “H” grumbling in the colours of rainbow. With blue background at the back . Someone whispered in her ears; this blue colour is the Tranquillity and Calmness which will probably calm your soul. The letter “F” stood there dressed in red, saying; “I am all love, strength,happiness and honour here for you and look my other friend? The letter A; in orange, to make you energetic to fight all these hardships”. “I” came rolling towards her, said “Hey its me I, you know what I have brought for you? Green, the colour that will surely bring you freshness, safety and harmony”. Beside him, stood “T” and “H” dressed in Indigo and Violet screamed “surprise” she looked at them with such an amazement. They told her; “we have brought you spiritual enlightenment, wisdom and inspiration,,, but you can have us, every colour of ours if you only have FAITH…yes!! we are the colours of faith and Faith in your self and faith in Almighty Allah will bless you probably with all these.

Let me show you the mirror…dear!!

Oh man! you think I’ll listen to your glittery words and believe them, you will praise me and I’ll start flying in the air  and fall for you and will start living for you , keeping aside my loving family… I’ll make you my entire world and when it will become difficult for me to spend time without you, can’t sleep until have talked to you, will wait for you till hours then you will kick me, leave me on my situation, then you will make me cry, make me fool, then you will bring tears to my eyes and make fun of me in front of your stupid friends and I will cry like a fool,I’ll make my nights sleepless for you ?? won’t eat food, won’t laugh won’t enjoy life just will cry for you?? and you will make fun of all my feelings, will blackmail me for all the love and will leave me shattered.. Oh no you foolish man i have seen hundreds of beautiful princesses making their lives  hell because of  men like you… I have seen many monsters in the face of men who ruined life of thousands of beautiful girls, making them fool that they love them and then.then making her heart broken, soul shattered and naming her bitch, slut??? Oh no… you man!! never ever will you fool me , I am a real princess a real soul who only believes in the love of her own for herself, you can’t break me, you can’t make me shattered, because I know that you are not a prince but a monster, and the day when you will become a prince or king it will be only the day when you will have a daughter and it will be too late for you to realise.